rory worby

Rory works on her silks as if they were a natural extension of herself. Her sense of color, design and balance are exquisite and effortless. Wearing one of Rory’s scarves makes you feel like you are wrapped in a piece of art, each one unique and spectacular in its own way
— Pound Ridge Client

The Artist

Rory Worby is the artist and creative force behind an offering of exquisite, hand-painted silks inspired by nature that blur the lines between fashion and fine art, the culmination of her fashion-forward vision gained from twenty-five years in the apparel industry, and formal training as an artist. Rory studied studio art and illustration before joining NYC's garment center, where she ran a studio of over 50 artists, hand painting fabric for both apparel and home furnishings. Rory’s hand-painted silks – meticulously drawn florals and paisleys, vivid animal prints, lively abstracts and geometrics, and expressive primitives – were in high demand on Seventh Avenue, to be turned into prints for silk dresses and blouses, men’s neckwear, and accessories. Over a 25-year career that ensued, Rory became known throughout the fashion industry, developing prints, colors, and textiles for both women’s and men’s apparel. More than likely, her designs have already found their way into your closet under designer labels, catalogues, and private label lines.

The Vision

Each piece I am continually inspired by nature. My work reflects my passion for color and pattern. Each piece I create is a one-of-a-kind work of art. I start by pre-washing finest grade silks to ensure a soft hand. Then, like an artist's canvas, I stretch the silk on a frame and hand-paint it using environmentally friendly dyes, non-toxic water based resist, and natural sea salt applied with Japanese sumi brushes. The colors are fixed by a steaming process, then re-washed to extract any remaining dye. The result is astonishing wearable art and home accessories.